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Tatzoo Fellows 2012

Blue Whale Team

Kelsie McInnis

"My blue whale tattoo will not only be a symbol of this project itself, but a symbol of my commitment to preserving and protecting earth's biodiversity."

Tattoo by Melissa Taylor at Warhorse Tattoo

Kelsie recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. She works as a bartender and server in the city but her true passion is for the outdoors, enjoying nature and wildlife. She is looking forward to the opportunities Tatzoo will give her, especially exploring future career paths in the environmental conservation field.

Wesley Alexander
"Be ready for new ideas."

Tattoo by Erik Reith at Seventh Son Tattoo

Wesley Alexander has a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation and is persuing a career in film. He intends to utilize his media skills for wildlife documentation and conservation. This summer during Tatzoo Wesley aims to protect the blue whales by raising awareness about ship strikes around the bay area. 


Jack Howery

 "Our generation has unprecedented access to technology and communication that enhances our world view not only culturally, spiritually, or technologically but also environmentally."

Tattoo by Ian Oliver at Sacred Tattoo

Jack is participating in Tatzoo to enhance his knowledge in conservation techniques, encourage his passion for the environment and protect endangered species. His tattoo will be a symbol of his commitment to increasing public appreciation of natural ecosystems.

Megan Eding

 "We all have the power to make a change in the world - no change is too small."

Tattoo by Brucius at Black and Blue Tattoo.

Megan has been a nature and animal lover for as long as she can remember. She loves the outdoors, but as a scuba diver and snorkeler the wild oceans hold a very special place in her heart. Tatzoo has been in incredible experience in her life - there's nothing quite like helping the beautiful and endangered blue whales. 

San Francisco Garter Snake Team 

 Jessica Paulat

"There is wonder all around us! I hope to instill that sense of passion into every generation. I will make a difference."

Tattoo by Cecilia at Seventh Son Tattoo

Jessica has always had a passion for nature, for animals and the environment. Jessica studied international management and loves all things non-profit. She currently works to better the lives of disadvantaged youth. Now, with the help of Tatzoo, she is again able to express her passion for nature.

 Laura Reddick

"My tattoo reminds me every day the fragility of our fellow species, and that they are still fighting with our help."

Tattoo by Philip Milic at Old Crow Tattoo                                                   

Laura Reddick is currently working towards an M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies and is in the Integral Ecology track. She has experience in research and project management. Her strengths include problem solving, planning, and organization. A recent transplant to the area, she loves good local food, unique local artists, and exploring the Bay Area by hiking, running, and wandering. 

 Lauren Gregory

"Tatzoo inspires our generation’s conservationists to harness resources available through technology and the ever-evolving social sphere."

Tattoo by Matt Adams at Haight Ashbury Tattoo and Piercing

Don’t put Lauren Gregory in an office! Before you know it, her makeshift paperclip rope with stapler grapple will aide her climb over conventional cubicle walls to escape to the great outdoors.  Once free among the wildlife, Lauren's passion to educate diverse communities about Ecology is nothing but innovative. She uses her infectious personality to inspire and challenge others to exercise curiosity and self-discovery through outdoor activity. Her educational foundation at The University of Maryland roots her experience that spans from coast to coast. Her ultimate aspiration is to become a camp director.  

Stuart Illson
"I believe man's reason for restoring the world’s wildness should not come out idealistic goals, but out of necessity."

Stuart was born in the Rouge River Watershed and has been following the sun ever since. Stuart studied Psychology and Biology and has always loved snakes. He aided herpetology field research and has gone to Washington D.C. to testify in Congress on behalf of the Merced River. Stuart is currently working in the software industry in San Francisco and pursuing kickass projects like Tatzoo.


 Langes Metalmark Butterfly Team

 Michaela Mason

"These tattoos symbolize our dedication to endangered wildlife. These animals have a lasting impression on us and if we work hard enough we can have a lasting impression on them. It's a story that lives on our bodies forever. It inspires us. We can tell this story for the rest of our lives."

Michaela Mason grew up in the bay area as a young bird watcher, traveling around with bird guide in hand. Today she lives in San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production and Engineering. She specializes in sound design and music composition for commercial and non-commercial media.

Yasmir Navas
"I want to raise awareness and get people more involved in their communities... that is why I'm in Tatzoo."

Tattoo by Brucius at Black and Blue Tattoo.

Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Yasmir moved up to San Francisco to attend SF State. After graduating and receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Yasmir decided to dedicate her life to teaching and will be going back to school to obtain credentials in special education next year. Yasmir is also an avid reader, music/concert enthusiast, crafter, and an animal lover who likes to spend her free time outdoors in the sun as much as possible.

Matthew Switzer
 “This tattoo is a vision of another future, one where the threats to these butterflies are gone, one conducive to the process of life.”

Tattoo by Mez Love at Tattoo Boogaloo

Matt grew up in the San Francisco bay area and enjoys the beaches, scattered walks and vistas in and around the city. He has a background in literature and philosophy and has worked as an educator since graduating from UC Santa Cruz. Currently, he works at Planet Drum Foundation and would like to live in a world where butterflies still exist. 

Rachael Van Schoik

"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead." - Albert Einstein

Rachael is an informal educator at the California Academy of Science. She's in love with the bay area, including all of its human and non-human inhabitants. Rachel is excited to spend a summer with the amazing Tatzoo crew.