"It's a story that lives on our bodies forever."  Michaela Mason, Metalmark Butterfly

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We believe our generation has an unprecedented ability and responsibility to create a world rich in biodiversity (in other words: wildlife need our help, we're super powerful, let's do this!). 

What We Do

We train and connect passionate and creative leaders who engage their communities in endangered species conservation. All leaders get inked as symbols of their commitment to wildlife survival and recovery.

Founder's Story

One day, Molly read a heart-stopping article about the species extinction crisis. In a moment of desperation, she considered tattooing her whole body with endangered species to raise awareness about the issue. She told her friends and they thought she had lost it. But they agreed it was time for our generation to act. Around a campfire, they discovered a way to connect emerging leaders who aren't afraid to put skin in the game. Molly sent the crazy idea to Toyota Togethergreen who took a leap of faith to bring Tatzoo to life. 


       A crew of incredible mentors provide skills training to fellows in our leadership development program.